Property investment decisions. I would like to tell you that they are all made strategically.

If you’ve not heard it before, I firmly believe that deciding on what property investment decision to make comes in ‘6 Buckets’:

Growth potential – How you’re going to increase the value 

Demand – Is there appetite for the property and where is the right area

Yield – Your net rental income

Type – BTL / SA / HMO / Commercial / Mixed Use ect.

Characteristics – What do you NEED the property to have 

Search – Ideas for finding the property –

Of course you’re always going to look at this with finance in mind, how much money you want to spend, whether you need a mortgage… 

But I notice that investors can get all of this right in a property AND still not pull the trigger to go ahead.


Because they struggle to know if they are making the RIGHT decision.

This week I decided to investigate this further, by bringing back onto the podcast, my Mum. Who notoriously used to get stuck with these types of decisions and has worked hard to get more decisive over the last couple of years.

Plus she’s a fountain of knowledge and any chance I have to get motherly wisdom, I’m going to take her up on it! 

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I’m asking you, what’s stopping you from making the RIGHT decision in your property portfolio?


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