For years and years, I have done yoga on and off. Recently, I’ve started taking it more seriously, giving myself the time to go to yoga 3-4 times a week.

The reason I love it so much is that I get to leave my phone at home, throw my hair up in whatever mess it stay in and my put my sweatpants on and just follow the teacher’s guide for 60-90 minutes.

Time passes quickly and before I know it, I’m lying in a final Chivasana and feeling motivated, calm, relaxed and ready.

Without knowing, thinking of even worrying about things, the ideas begin to flow. Yes, again I can take action using the knowledge I have. Everything seems surmountable and I’m back on form.

It’s something I encourage my clients to do. Take the time for themselves. Refresh, recharge, in the simplest way for them. Then continue.

Pausing to think is far better than rushing into action without a strategy.

If this ethos is what you crave and you feel deeply that this is the way you need to work (with taking time for yourself) to make progress. Then come and join the Members Club.