My Mum is back on the podcast this week, by popular demand! We talk about how Mums thoughts and feelings about property investment have changed over the last 2 years AND her advice to anyone wanting to do something similar.

As a first time landlord (and after a fair amount of changes to her personal life) there were some big decisions she had to make.

We worked together to ensure that she was set up in the best way possible as well as how she got to live in her dream cottage in the countryside.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Here are some timestamps to lead you to what will interest you most:

>>[01:48] Mum talks about how she bought her dream property in the Cotswold; all the planning stages and how the whole process worked out really well.

>>[04:31] How Mum held her own as a new landlord (gas checks and all!) and about the importance of open communication.

>>[07:00] How Principality Mortgages were great to work with…

>>[08:24] Mum was made redundant and this caused some obvious issues. Then her amazing long-term tenants left… It was time to do some brainstorming. Should she sell the property? Develop it? Find new tenants? Or… maximise on the potential?

>>[13:00] How taking a big step backwards is oftentimes really the best option. It allows you to see ALL the options available…

>>[16:18] Mum’s advice when taking a big decision. Plus advice on doing the viewing with potential tenants herself.

>>[19:59] UPad and how they were really useful at the time she needed them… PLUS- the importance of having a free deposit protection account… DO THIS NOW! (Mum uses TDS).

>>[23:02] What advice would you give to mums and dads who have a similar situation of their own?

>>[27:23] Mum talks about how pleased she is with how everything turned out… and how there really isn’t much she would have changed about her decisions.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Let me know what your key takeaways are from this podcast… Has this podcast with Mum given you some inspiration to get out there and follow your dreams?

I’d love to hear from you!