My favourite property is…

My favourite property is…

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My favourite property is my serviced accommodation in centre of Bath.

The reason it’s my favourite property is because I bought it by accident. I was looking for a place to have in the centre of Bath when I was in both because my parents had just divorced, but I still love the city. I grew up there.

That’s where it came from. I’d been looking at one beds because that was what I had in my budget. I wanted a one bed garden flat and I was very excited for that.

But I would be going to all these viewings, traipsing around with everybody else. There was inevitably 20 to 30 people, each of the viewings and I would always get out bid and I never bid above the value that I think I should pay for it. There’s no point because you lose out.

And then one day an agent called me out of the blue and said, Hey Natasha, I’ve got this two bed flat in central Bath that you looked at a couple of weeks ago and it’s come back on the market. The sale fell through. Can you buy it quickly?

I was like, hmm. I’ve not looked at any to bed flats and centre of Bath, but I kind of bluffed it. I was like, oh yeah, I remember. Sure, oh, I’ll come back and buy that flat. Okay, well, perfect location, perfect size, bigger than what I wanted. And I sent my Mum to have a look the day after and she was like, yeah, you’ve got to buy it because it’s at the same price as a one bed was at the time because the seller just wants to get rid of it.

Within eight weeks I bought this flat in the centre of Bath, perfect location. I absolutely love it. In fact, when I get married and a couple of weeks time, I’m going to be staying in that flat. So that is my favourite story. It wasn’t meant to happen, but I have it in my portfolio and it makes me an awful lot of money.