My impression is, that you can still invest in property even if you do not have any money

Here’s the question of the week! My impression is that you can still invest in property even if you do not have any money. I have £15k, I want to invest in property. I know it’s not a big amount but I have to start from some point. Please give me your valuable advice, where do I invest to build a fortune?

I had to think about this for a while… £15k would possibly get you a £75,000 property (without legal fees / stamp duty / other costs). You would need to be getting at least an income of £400pcm to pass stress tests AND really that rental income needs to be nearly to £750pcm to have an attractive net profit.

Combine that with the fact that you would also need growth in order to expand… your fortune is a long way away. But, if you want to wait and keep remortgaging whilst saving that’s an awesome way to build in a very sustainable low risk way.

Option 2 would be to do a flip yourself. Buy low, convert sell high as one of my members has recently done: Chris has completed on a property in Stoke on Trent, brought for £58k. £3k needs spending on the refurb, and the end valuation will be around the 80k.

Or you could add value quickly another way… Paul has a deal in the pipeline whereby he’ll buy a flat for £75,000 do the lease extension and sell for £135,000. Again, giving more money in the pot for future projects.

Or… as one of my development buddies says to me ‘go buy a starbucks card and unlimited phone contract’. What he means is… go networking and buy everyone a coffee, as that’s how relationships build. With the other money then go educate yourself in your specialist area. Because, either you have money to invest or you have expertise.

Take this scenario, if I said to you ‘Hey, I have this development in Reading and it’s going to cost £350,000 to buy, it will cost £100,000 to do up and then I’d sell it on for £750,000. For your £15,000 I will either give you an interest rate of 15% over 12 months or you can have 7.5% of the profit I make of roughly £200,000’ You’d probably say YES.

Why… either because you trust that I will deliver the goods with your £’s. Or the deal looks freaking awesome.

Either way you need to become that person who’s trustworthy and brings that stunning deal. You can then keep building off of that.

So there you have it, three options, which would you choose?



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