Property Investment Tax for the end of this financial year with Joshua Tharby

Property Investment Tax for the end of this financial year with Joshua Tharby

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Today, I’m very excited, I’ve got Joshua Tharby from JSM Property with me. He’s an accountant and property tax specialist.

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Here are the questions I ask Josh in the podcast and the timestamps:

>>[01:06] Firstly, for anyone who hasn’t come across you before, what is your background?

>>[05:58] We’re at the end of the 2019/2020 accounting year, what do property investors need to be doing right now to prepare for their tax returns?

>>[9:35] What tax changes do we need to be aware of this year?

>>[11:05] What are the biggest myths around property investment tax that you are hearing at the moment?

>>[13:05] What expenses can we deduct from our rental income?

>>[15:16] For those investors who have residential BTL’s in their own name and facing the fact that next year they can’t deduct 100% of their mortgage interest from their rental income, what can they do this year to minimise the impact?

>>[18:11] I’m a commercial property enthusiast and am working with a lot of my clients on mixed use and commercial property investments. What tax do you need to be aware for for this property type?

>>[21:20] Everyone is trying to invest via Ltd companies. What are the pro’s and con’s of this?

>>[22:27] We’ve experienced a lot of uncertainty in the market due to Covid-19, SA’s are really impacted. Do you think that this will have an impact on profits this year? Also, we’ve got to pay tax in advance in July this year, what happens if you’ve made losses and now are worried about how you are going to pay that?

>>[26:04] Finally, how do you see the industry changing going forward? (+ some positives of our current situation!)

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