A few weeks ago I put out a post with a flow chart about how to raise deposits. You will find that HERE

Ultimately there are 6 main ways you can raise your next deposit:

  1. Savings
  2. Remortgage of current property
  3. Additional borrowing on current property
  4. Second charge over a current property
  5. Sell an underperforming property
  6. Private finance whether through JV’s or Investors


There’s a decision to be made behind why you would use each one (I go through that on the podcast)

However, if you did my Goals activity from last week’s podcast, you can take raising deposits one step further and produce a cash flow diagram so you know when you will be able to buy another property.

  • Identify when you can next remortgage. Put a date on it. Assess how much cash you can take out.
  • Diarise getting your properties valued every 12 months so that you know when you can use additional borrowing or a second charge.
  • Map out when you need to raise finance from investors
  • Figure out your monthly net profit and chuck it into savings so that you know what date you will be able to buy your next property.


Start putting dates on these figures, and you will realise that you’ll be able to get that next deposit sooner than you think… this also counts as a business plan!

Right, to expand on all of this, here’s this weeks pod!


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