Have you heard this too?

‘The move to online retail is damaging the high street’

The stats say it all, in 2020, 16,000 stores were shut across the UK and 183,000 retail jobs were lost.

The RICS are forecasting that values for standard retail and shopping centers will drop by 10.9% and 13.11%.

There doesn’t seem like there’s much to get excited for in the retail sector right?!


I strongly believe it’s more of an exciting time then ever. Commercial trends change every 5-10 years. 

If you don’t keep up as a Landlord and make sure your unit is ‘new trend accommodating’, every time it becomes vacant, you’ll have an obsolete building before you know it.

Which is why when you see values falling you know there’s a new trend coming and this time, it’s OMNICHANNEL RETAILING… we have to be providing units that fit this spec.

This week on the podcast I delve into what omnichannel retailed is and how you can get involved in this as a Landlord.

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Does retailing seem more appealing to you?


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