Does it seem a little like the wild west right now?

Lockdown. Threats to democracy. Too hot to handle property market?

Whilst I can’t solve political leaders throwing their toys out the pram, I can give you some encouragement for how to handle the property market.

  1. The Ugly: Don’t trust developers who phone you out of the blue looking for investment **COUGH** money to prop up their failing developments. Always do your due diligence
  2. The Bad (for movers): Time is running out to buy a property and take advantage of the stamp duty relief for homeowners. Mortgage lending and searches is soooo slllloooowww right now ?, so it’s taking 3-4 months to complete on property. Which means…
  3. The Good (for property investors): Bide your time. Put in the ground work now, you’ll have sellers biting your hands off for low ball offers come the end of the year
  4. The exceptionally good: No money down deals are a possibility if you work for it… I’ll tell you about it, plus a case study, in my pod!

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P.S On the pod I also tell you about my next investment. OH MY DAYS I’m excited about it ?????????