All I’m being asked about at the moment is: ‘Where do you see the property market going?’

At the moment there’s a lot of excitement, prices are being pushed up. SDLT relief, cheap finance plus pent up demand from lockdown are meaning that there are more buyers out there.

This doesn’t just touch on the residential market. The change of the Use Class order from September, plus the changes to permitted development rights and lower barriers to enty to developments mean that everyone thinks there’s an opportunity to be had.

But so do sellers, they see this and they think ‘Hmmm, can I put the price up’… all of which can leave us in an overinflated market and that’s not ideal for actual values, or the end of 2020, leading into 2021.

In a rare webinar, I will be discussing on ‘Building an Acquisition Strategy in Today’s Property Market with The 6 Buckets Method.” We have limited spots so be sure to claim yours before the 16th of August. Free sign up here.

This week, to discuss this in more detail, I invited back property investment legends, Laura Muse, Faith Locken and Jackie Tomes to discuss their take on the market, how they are investing and where their strategies are changing!

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How do you see the market changing over the next 18 months?


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