What keeps me up at night…

What keeps me up at night…

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What keeps me up at night.

Firstly emails, emails, emails keep me up at night. If I’ve had a difficult email exchanges the day before and I’ve had to send quite a hard, heavy sounding email because I can be quite assertive. I have to be, I run a business.

I also manage my own property portfolio and I don’t like being messed around. But if I send an email and then don’t get response, which is inevitable if I’m working on New York time and I’m sending emails in the UK,the chances are, no one’s responding to me at 10 or 11 o’clock at night. Well they shouldn’t be for work life balance.

Then I feel like, Ooh, oh my gosh, what they’re going to say to me? What am I going to have to deal with the next morning? So I do like to keep everything really short and sweet.

I will send the least amount of emails possible to get something sorted. Huge amounts of emails flying around is not my thing. It’s really frustrating.

The second thing that keeps me up at night

Secondly, I go to bed sometimes thinking about how I’m going to lay out my content in the most easy, streamlined, efficient, easy to digest way. That keeps me up at night because I’m thinking about it. What is the layout, what should the layout be? And there’s been times when I’ve started dreaming about it and I’ve woken up, I’ve gone oh quick, write it down. So I have three notebooks beside my bed, so one for just random worries that crop up. Number two for any work related stuff that crops up. And number three, if I’m feeling particularly grateful for something, I write that in the notebook too. I’ve got three beside my bed because more often than not, when I’m going to sleep, if I’m worrying about something or something’s going around in my head and often it’s content or it’s emails, that’s the thing that keeps me up at night because I just always want to do such a good job and I want to make sure that people understand me in the way that I say things and that they’re getting the most out of what I do.