I’ve been worried for a long time about the amount of cowboy action I’m seeing on social media when it comes to investor finance.

Posts which say something along the lines of ‘Guaranteed 10% returns, we’re looking for investors’ without any disclaimers or even knowing if you’re pitching it to retail, sophisticated or high networth investors…

Which could get you in hot water with the FCA, especially if you mess with a retail investors money, never repay them and they get a good solicitor on your case (think bye bye investment career, credibility and status)

Running a regulated firm, I know how important it is to do things by the book… but I’m not FCA regulated (We’re RICS regulated) and so I KNEW that I had to find someone to come and train my clients on exactly how to raise finance compliantly.

Inside the Members club we’ve been talking about this stuff all month and there’s plenty of trainings and templates on how to raise finance compliantly.

However, I wanted to carry this conversation over to the podcast to make sure that there is enough information out there to help everyone get it right!

This week, I’ve invited my good friend, FCA regulated and resident coach in the Members Club, Steve Wallis onto the podcast to discuss, what you ACTUALLY need to know about investment finance.

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How are you going to act when you next go out to raise finance?


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