I’ve always had lofty goals for what I want to achieve in property investment. Those goals keep getting pushed higher and higher the more successful at it I become.

The reason I can push those goals is because of one underlying thing, that most property investors forget about… Property Management Strategy!!

Sounds horrendously boring right?


A good property management strategy can turn your property from simply doing what it does day in day out, to being an asset that you keep improving on.

**Harsh truth alert** It doesn’t matter how many properties you buy… if you just want to sit on them and assume you’re always going to get a ‘passive income’ you are going to stay stuck right where you are.

You MUST put in place a strategy that’s going to allow your property income and value to grow. That’s the secret behind being a successful property investor.

This week I have invited my fellow Lecturer at the University College of Estate Management, friend and fellow Surveyor, Dr Jan Wilcox onto the podcast to discuss yield, return AND Why you NEED a bulletproof property management strategy.

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