Reasons for Investing In Property

I put a podcast about this on Tuesday 15th January. You should definitely listen to it! CLICK HERE to do that. Or search for the NC Podcast on iTunes However, if you are the sort of person who prefers things in black and white. Look no further I’ve got you… My 10 Reasons for investing…

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Why aren’t you allowing access?

I had that queasy feeling. Where I woke up and checked my emails and in my inbox was the ‘Hi’ subject matter from the flat above me and I thought to myself, oh, what do you want? I know that subject line, it’s means: ‘Natasha. I’m going to try and be polite to you, but…

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Residential V Commercial

This topic has been so in demand!! Here’s the podcast, Residential V Commercial. In it, I discuss the pro’s and con’s of both residential and commercial, some great strategies for incorporating both into your property portfolio and why usually you would invest in residential premises, but sometimes it’s better to play the long game and…

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