Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending in Property

Property is among the best investment vehicles there are, and if done right, it can become a very rewarding profession. With the right information, guidance and motivation, there are many ways in which you could earn handsome dividends from property. Today, I’ll be discussing one such way- Peer-to-Peer lending. P2P lending platforms have been around […]

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Why New Builds Aren’t Worth The Money.

This week I worked with The Sun on their article House About That The areas of Britain with the most newly-build homes since 2010revealed. It’s a celebration of the fact that some areas of the country are building A LOT of properties and how a £72 billion construction boom has happened in the last twenty […]

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Yes, Leasehold Reform Proposals Are Window Dressing… behind the curtain it’s all just the same

The Guardian have just published an article Leasehold law proposals condemned as ‘window dressing’in response to the Law Commissions proposals to change leasehold enfranchisement (the process of extending leases on leasehold property). Leasehold reform is complicated You should ALWAYS read the lease before buying a property The Law Commission have proposed that the cost of […]

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