Is it a serious prophecy that Landlords face a tax rate of up to 66% on their rental profits?

The MASSIVE headline in the Daily Mail today is that ‘Landlords face a tax rate of up to 66% on rental profits, stoking fears that many will ditch buy-to-let’ – Please note… no you shouldn’t be taxed at 66% on your rental profits. Read further down to find out what you should do if…

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Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box It’s a prime day to be really considering where you are with your property journeys, what are you buying next? How is it fitting in with your portfolio? Are you thinking: ‘how on earth do other people do these absolutely incredible deals, meanwhile I can’t seem to make even the simplest…

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Trolling the Investor

I really want to speak out about ‘trolling the investor’. I get it a HUGE amount would you believe? And yes some of you reading this may indeed be the trolls that do it. Or others of you may be Property Investors who are just fed up of being the bad gal/guy. I’ve been called…

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