It’s time to fully embrace Commercial Property investment because it’s a really great way to diversify!

Today’s podcast will go through exactly what you need to consider regarding commercial property- it’s an introduction to give you a great overview into your options as well as a brief discussion on some strategies to get you curious and motivated about this great sector.

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To help you along the way, here are some timestamps: 

>[04:54] I delve into my experience in the commercial property investment field.

>[08:29] There have been some amazing success stories of my Member’s in commercial property recently, and I thought to start offering my knowledge to others who may also be interested. 

>[10:50] Why Commercial Property in 2020? I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories: reduced rent, difficulties with chain restaurants closing down… But have you been creative with what commercial properties can actually be? (Listen here)

>[11:47] Not just retail! Cafes, takeaways, banks, estate agents, offices, industrial, leisure… and SO many other different options on the table.

>[12:27] Commercial Property with OPPORTUNITY! What does this really mean? There are 3 main points that you should really be thinking about… 

>[14:39] Tenant mix strategy! It’s all about letting to the right tenant, and how. You firstly need to have a real interest in the local area. Take a walk around and ask some pertinent questions:  which tenants are really thriving, what’s the cycle in this area, etc… 

>[18:33] You as a landlord have a responsibility to market your property in the best way you can. Here are some suggestions how you can do just that! (Listen here)

>[19:44] What kinds of incentives can you bring to the table for your tenants? Rent free periods? Helping them with the fit out? Brainstorming is key here- get creative!

>[24:33] This year, in 2020 there are going to be many more new government funded initiatives for small businesses, which is great news for commercial property owners. 

>[25:54] 1954 Act- Go and have a look at this: 2 main types of leases being, inside/outside Act leases; needing to have a 40% deposit; looking at different mortgage options

>[27:11] You’re excited! How are you going to take the next step? You’ve been investing in residential, now you want to try commercial… 

Listen to the full podcast, Why Commerical Property in 2020, here.

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