Rest : A Book Review

I’ve just finished reading Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. Whilst it felt heavy to get through (it took me weeks… I’m usually done with books within days). I actually took on the teachings and whilst reading it, started to change up my daily habits. To start,  the book harps on about how deliberate rest paves…

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House Prices v BREXIT

Have you looked at house price stats recently? I have, in fact I’m always looking at them. It’s what I do! Here’s what I’ve noticed: Yes, in London house prices are going down. They were always going to have to… prices are HIGH. Uncertainty has meant that buyers and sellers are moving away from the…

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£523.52 A Quarter In Electricity, Urgh! I’m Switching Tariffs and It Only Takes 5 mins!

I know that electricity costs have been progressively getting higher… but I thought that it didn’t affect me, because I’d never noticed any substantial jump in my electricity costs.   Until this quarter, where one of my serviced accommodation properties hit costs of £523.52 for the quarter. I was blown away, thanks EDF, your charges…

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