The Problem with Money Down

I’m always always asked for ‘no money down’ strategies. Let me tell you from the outset I definitely don’t believe in them! However… let me explain what you can do instead in this podcast! Click here to download the Property Portfolio Expansion Success Formula FLOWCHART: You can listen to the podcast here! Videos will…

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Are you saving?

I think I’ve mentioned this a bazillion times… I’ve never been a saver. Until I turned 30 and hated that gut wrenching, “Oh My Freaking Goodness… Natasha Collins you’ve spent all of your monthly money AGAIN.” It’s a feeling I hated. However, I have always let myself off the hook with ‘you’re living in the…

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Wedding Special + The Rosy Economy

I’m on annual leave this week because I’m getting married!! So let me tell you about the wedding plan + how I feel the economy is looking property-wise!   You can listen to the podcast here! Or you can watch the video by clicking here: Here is the transcript!  Epi2 Natasha Collins: [00:00:00] Hello and…

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