What’s My Strategy?

Whenever I go to events and speak or do an interview I’m ALWAYS ask what’s my investment strategy. I know this sounds crazy as an outsider from my mind, but I always wonder why the devil they want to know what I’m doing, when I’m far more interested in what they are doing. However, when […]

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New Years Resolutions!

Happy 2018! We are here and the New Year has started. I really hope that your holiday season was epic, you enjoyed lots of excitement with your friends and family and that you had time to switch off and relax. For me the holidays are a time of reflection, what’s working, what’s not working and […]

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I always said I would NEVER go back to University… BUT…

I always said I would NEVER go back to University… BUT… If you didn’t already know, I am now a lecturer for the University College of Estate Management. I lecture undergraduate and postgraduate (Degree and Masters Level) student’s on property management and commercial property management. It’s something that I am SUPER SUPER excited about because […]

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Interior Design

Our Passion for Interior Design

The NC Real Estate team has a collective passion for interior design. It’s a subject that when I brought it up everyone jumped on. So, as we are developing more projects, we have to get design savvy and so we are bringing you guys along for the ride. Every Friday we will bring you our […]

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